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Trixy is a small innovative, partnership focused on inventing and implementing a market solution for various needs using the most cutting edge technology solutions in existence. The primary concept behind Trixy is to bring technology, well known by its founders, to fields where it less known and can make large improvements on businesses and people’s lives.

Trixy collaborates with a large number of experts from across Europe to develop solutions for cyber threats. As part of these collaborations, Trixy build consortium which submitted proposal to the Horizon 2020 for a project involving cyber experts, Big Data, machine learning and social scientists such as criminologists and legal advisors to predict cyber-crimes and phishing content during web surfing and emails.



A cell-phone application that answers many aspects of the students’ lives and provides them with easy-to-use solutions. The application offers the students single-point access to important day-to-day matters such as academic schedules, report cards, average prediction system, and discounts in many restaurants around the students’ campuses. Another innovative solution the application brought to 15,000 students in Bar-Ilan University is live tracking of shuttle busses within the university campus. Trixy built a system that tracked every shuttle, and reported the location to Trixy’s server which in turn sends the data to a student’s phone informing the student when the next shuttle will arrive at his or her station.


Trixy brought a sophisticated algorithm, based on the “Stable Marriage” algorithm, to law firms. The algorithm helped the offices to efficiently sort and interview students for internship positions in a manner consistent with local legal bar regulations regarding the interviewing and recruitment of legal interns. The algorithm solved a problem that was embedded in the rules and regulations governing the law firms, and also greatly improved the process for the students themselves.


Trixy developed a system for online shop owners that have allowed their shop to be listed in a common price-comparison website. Many such shop owners log into the website multiple times per day to check their store’s rank and potentially take steps to stay at the top of the list thereby increasing their chances to attract customers. Our system automatically tracks a shop’s rank for the shop owners, and can update prices according to guidelines and other restrictions set by the shop owners. This system allows a shop owner to save valuable work hours on a daily basis.


Trixy’s next idea! We believe TrixyDrive has the potential to tremendously improve the way people share and backup data, and serve tens of millions of people around the world. Trixy’s experience in previous successful projects, thinking, designing and implementing solutions from start all the way to successful implementation, is an important asset in developing the TrixyDrive project and shaping the idea into a working system.


Trixy created a solution for scheduling shifts in businesses. Trixy built a software program using an internally designed powerful engine that can schedule working shifts of multiple employees in a business, taking into account a great number of changing elements and other variables, in order to achieve an ideal solution. This engine is helping businesses save significant amounts of time and money by changing a process that once took at least several hours to a five minute task.


Eretz is an app for small-medium communities. It covers all aspects of the community, such as Recreational classes, events, phone book, opening times and much more. It also suggests a complete in-app management that provides the option to receive service call form resident, approve new residents, and send messages to the members of the community.


Elad Raviv

Elad Raviv

Chief Executive Officer

Bar Ilan University graduate in Computer Engineering; formerly employed at Marvell Technologies; employed for several years at Check Point Software Technologies working on cyber security. Over six years of experience in the design of algorithms and backend development. Designed and developed a number of projects under the Trixy partnership, such as the law firm interviewing algorithm, the shift scheduling engine, and others.

Relevant projects: Trixy work-shifts In this project, Elad developed an innovative algorithm and a powerful engine that takes into account all the necessary variables in scheduling shifts at a particular business or operation and calculates an ideal result for a business' shifts. ARP spoofing protector Developing a client that runs as a service in network belonging computers, and defending the local network from ARP spoofing attack. Cyber Security Integration of different kinds of anti-malware engines into a one-package solution.
Implementing a threat prevention engine into a Mail-Transfer-Agent

Hadas Bar

Hadas Bar

Chief Technology Officer

Bar Ilan University graduate in Computer Engineering; formerly employed at Marvell Technologies and Check Point Software Technologies. Over 10 years of experience in the web area, frontend, backend and security. Designed and developed the UI and the interface between the client and server under the Trixy partnership.

Relevant projects: SuLog At Marvell, Hadas develop a PC app that pulls the logs from the mobile device using a USB and decodes the binary data to readable files. Rx diversity Hadas developed a technique that helps to improve the cellular performance in new devices while they fallback to GSM connection, by using the built in second antenna of the 3G and 4G standard. This project was a cooperation between Marvell Technologies and Bar Ilan University. Browser security extensions Hadas developed, while at Check Point, an extension for browsers that protect a user against phishing sites and malware downloads. Hadas focused on the multi-platform solution (create infrastructure for each browser and connect it to the shared code).